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RedLogistic redlogistic, postal address, physical address for delivery of packages, package tracking, package delivery to home

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All our services are backed by:

Professional and experienced staff
Personalized treatment
Sistemas de informacion y seguimiento
Service flexibility
Garantia de Servicio
International infrastructure

Mailbox service:

We offer a customized mailbox address to send your packages to as well as keeping track of them from the time they arrive in our warehouse in Doral, Miami until they reach their final destination.

Servicios de Carga Express desde Miami a Centroamerica:

Our vast experience in the express cargo industry enables us to offer you an efficient and secure management of your freight from the United States to Central America.

Warehouses in Miami:

Redlogistic offers a warehousing service in Miami to ensure the safest and best logistic coordination and storage for your imports.

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